*Currently performing as Nancy Merkle in Bye Bye Birdie
*Currently performing in A Night of Rodgers and Hammerstein
*Next NYC trip is going to be in April 2015

Reading: The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson and Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
Listening: Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor
Watching: Almost Famous (2002)

until my birthday

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"Why is it so important for you to still be attached to [Starkid]?"


We’re not friends. And it’s important to me that you acknowledge that.

YouTuber, Blogger, Friend & Pizza Addict


Happy 31st Birthday, Aaron Kyle Tveit! October 21, 1983

AWESOME morning learning tricks on horses with @thisisPremier and @petesjams for @UniversalChUK ‘s #SleepyHollowUK !

“No one has these scars in these places attached to those stories. They’re not blemishes, they’re finishing touches.”

Carrie Hope Fletcher

“You promised me free popcorn. There was no free popcorn. I got a free burrito but that’s not the same thing.”

Dear Tom and Dear Carrie videos are amazing